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Internet Sweepstakes store-fronts, called Internet Sweepstakes Cafes and Sweepstakes Gaming Centers have been opening up across the world as the online sweepstake business has continued to evolve. An internet sweepstakes business location is set up to offer its customers access to the world internet for a fee, based upon time spent online. By paying for time to surf the web, the customer is automatically entered into the sweepstakes. The customer is guided by the sweepstakes software into a game room set up with casino-style games like Poker, Blackjack, Classic 7’s or Wild Card*. The customer is enticed to play a game of their choice with eye-catching graphics, music and the thrill of playing the game for a chance to win a prize. Though the customer may not consider the odds of winning a game played against the computer system, these Internet Sweepstakes Games are based upon a finite system and the odds of winning are considered “rare”.

So you want to beat the odds? There is a way to ensure you are a winner in the internet sweepstakes business. Become the house. The house always wins!
An Internet Sweepstakes Cafe is a sweepstakes gaming center that provides it's customers the opportunity to surf the internet inside the cafe with an automatic entry into a sweepstakes that is provided by the Poker Cafe. The customer gets the chance to play online poker games in an effort to win valuable prizes while they are online at the Internet Cafe.
OhioInternetCafe.com is part of the Ohio Sweepstakes Network. We are Ohio's largest internet sweepstakes consultant firm with expertise in all aspects of owning and operating a sweepstakes gaming center. We are part of the largest Internet Sweepstakes Network in the world, offering specialized services to business owners and entrepreneurs in the state of Ohio who are interesting in launching a sweepstakes gaming center. Ohio Internet Sweepstakes can also provide Sweepstakes Games, Sweepstakes Systems, Servers and Comprehensive Training for business owners who are interested in launching their own lucrative Internet Sweepstakes Business. For more information on opening an internet poker cafe, visit our Ohio network online at OhioInternetSweepstakes.com or send us a message here for answers to your specific questions.